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Comparing Renewable Energies

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:46 pm
by darioa
There are advantages and disadvantages to each source of renewable energy:

- great during sunny days, quite bad at night
- technology is well understood, efficiency is currently poor
- need for better technology still provides for new opportunities
- requires large amounts of surface area facing south for best performance

- mature industry, problems due to lack of wind consistency
- works great off-shore where wind is strong and more consistent
- wind picks up at night when solar energy is not available
- small wind (personal wind blades)
- needs very high towers (80-120 ft) where wind is not turbulent, and is not allowed in many urban settings
- misunderstood and prone to disappointment due to lack of laminar flow wind (as opposed to turbulent flow, which lowers efficiency)
- less efficient than solar

- fantastic technology that can be used everywhere, all the time, especially for water heating
- heat pump uses much electricity (solar driven pump with geothermal could be a good combination)
- large scale geothermal energy needs high temperature differences, not available everywhere economically

- not well understood by the masses even though it could be more available and efficient
- non polluting source
- have enough Uranium for 250-300 years, without making new discoveries
- High Level Waste is very manageable and small
- very expensive and lengthy to put new nuclear power plants using old technology

Energy Efficiency/Conservation:
- by far the best renewable energy source
- potential for saving energy using conservation methods is higher than using any renewable source

- not available everywhere and needs altitude differences to make it work
- could pose energy problems during drought years

- technology is still immature
- great potential
- could use CO2 output from conventional power plants to create algae that can be used as fuel

- still in R&D