Driving market transformation

Solar, wind, nuclear, bio-fuel, bio-mass, geo-thermal, hydro ... are all potential and feasible options for sustainable energy. Is there a clear winner, some better than others or should we give each its due?

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Driving market transformation

Postby Teddi Davis » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:33 pm

Wind is now largely considered mainstream and some projects have already reached grid parity in terms of cost.
When the cost of a superior (environmentally and brand aspirations) matches the predominant, it is far easier to shift.
The challenge with solar is the current cost point is prohibitive. The concept here is to drive market transformation so that technologies such as solar or the thing not yet envisioned in the future have an opportunity to be advanced quickly such that cost efficiencies are more quickly realized thus making the alternative an easy switch economically (assuming all other factors are essentially equal). Of course this is why storage could be considered the killer app in this space (which evens the playing field relative to dispatchability/reliability.
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