Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

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Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

Postby Probir Ghosh » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:47 am

We have provided 10 great reasons why USA should lead the world in Sustainable Energy Initiatives through Massive Scaling on the invVEST SEI Community page. None is more important than ensuring that future generations get to enjoy a vibrant economy while protecting our planet from potentially crippling climate change from increased use of fossil fuels to generate our energy needs. We may have less than 20 years to make the switch where clean sustainable energy generates most of our energy needs and does so economically.

Imagine 20 years from now a world where most of the energy is generated from clean sustainable energy because we all came together and enabled the world to not only massively scale clean energy initiatives but also found a way to do so cheaply.

Imagine a paradigm shift: Twenty years from now instead of fighting over a dwindling resource like fossil based oil to generate our energy that increases our pollution levels to the point of no return for our planet, we generate more and more clean, sustainable energy because it actually helps clean up the environment while fueling our economic growth.

invVEST plans to transform this imagination into reality; Our Shared Vision:
To enable massive scale Sustainable Energy that will generate the next vibrant economy while protecting our planet for future generations to enjoy.
Together, We can.

We believe the 30 million student community in USA in high schools, colleges and universities can be GAME CHANGERS in the way we currently generate and use our energy and help in the rapid transition to clean sustainable energy initiatives.

We would like to get your feedback and ideas on how we can create a massive groundswell from your community to get deeply involved in our shared vision.
Probir Ghosh
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Re: Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

Postby bhutton » Fri May 01, 2009 7:26 am

Members and associates of invVest can give presentations to classes at both K-12 and college level. For example, Probir Ghosh is giving a presentation to a DU MBA class in the course, Building Sustainable Enterprises.

Today there are many student groups that focus on social issues. Presentations should also be made to these groups. An example of a college business group is NetImpact, a national association devoted to issues of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development.

Many universities have developed special programs to "green" their campus. As a result, they have established Sustainability Councils comprised of representatives from the campus community. Making presentations to such interdisciplinary groups on SEI would increase knowledge and provide ideas for action.

Work with K-12 educational organizations to promote the inclusion of energy education topics in curriculum.

Develop teaching tools that faculty can use in the classroom to teach about energy and sustainable energy initiatives. This might be accomplished efficiently by partnering with other organizations that focus on K-12 or college education. At the K-12 level, Jr. Achievement might be a good partner or approaching individual school districts.

Seek out partnerships and develop grants for creating the materials that can be used in the classroom.

Develop competitions that school groups can sign up for with recognition and prizes for most innovative ideas for SEI, energy savings, etc.
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Re: Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

Postby ckrebs » Wed May 06, 2009 9:24 am

Outreach by college students to K12 and community groups are a fun and great way to integrate with invVest SEI. Alignment with organizations such as Scout Troops, AmeriCorps Vista, and other community based groups provide ways to partner and introduce the invVest SEI message. We must take both a top down and bottoms up approach.
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Re: Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

Postby Dr. Rajan Kapur » Wed May 06, 2009 10:32 am

Project financing is a significant aspect of sustainable deployment -- student internships at banks and businesses that do such work can provide a comprehensive window into financing, technology and policy.

See the writings of eg. "Jerome a Paris", a banker who funds renewables projects in Europe
Dr. Rajan Kapur
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Re: Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

Postby aramaswami » Wed May 06, 2009 10:54 am

I think that in order to mobilize the student body to support sustainability and clean energy initiatives, we have to make a case for how simple positive change in this arena can be (ex.- reminding people to turn off the lights when they leave a room or building). One idea I had was maybe to have a set of University-owned bikes that can be borrowed by students (the cost of which may be covered by school fees). This would present a more environmentally-attractive option than driving around campus. I know there are a few groups on the DU campus whose activities and goals are centered around the natural environment (ex.- the DU Environmental Team and even the Alpine Club). Moreover, there is an effort to form a Sustainability Council at DU. By targeting and involving these organizations, we can collaborate with people who share the same vision to expand our influence on campus.

I also think it is a great idea to start raising awareness about environmental issues at a young age. As we’ve discussed, many of our energy practices are behavioral and, if we can begin changing wasteful attitudes in Kindergarteners, they will grow up propagating more sustainable practices to future generations.

In middle school and high school, I participated in World Affairs’ Challenge, a competition that requires student teams to research an assigned problem topic, come up with a relevant issue or subtopic, brainstorm solutions, and present a 15 minute skit on competition day that educates the audience in a creative way about the problem and innovative solutions. The team with the best (most creative, informative, well-rehearsed, etc.) presentation won. The challenge is hosted by the Korbel School of International Studies here at DU and it was definitely an engaging way to get students from all over Colorado to think about global issues and share their ideas with their peers. In addition to the skit performances, there were a number of other activities that students participated in on the day of the event as well (i.e.- collaborative question, awareness quiz). Perhaps we can emulate this idea and create a similar competition that focuses solely on environmental issues. While not all solutions were easily implementable in our case, the challenge was effective in getting us excited about learning and raising awareness about pertinent international issues. It also taught us how we are impacted by problems that we do not perceive as affecting us and that we can be apart of a solution.
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Re: Ideas to get the student community involved in invVEST SEI

Postby ckrebs » Thu May 07, 2009 3:57 pm

Thank you DU students for your participation yesterday in the invVest presentation. The best ideas are always generated when we have input and participation from all stakeholders. Your questions are excellent and it is great to see your leadership.

A challenge is a great idea, any thoughts on leading a challenge between K12 schools as a way to engage a broader community but still have DU Sustainability Teams lead the effort? One idea is to host a competition at the highschool, middle school, and grade school level. The participating schools in each grade category (group 1 9th-12th, group 2 6th-8th or 7th-8th, group 3 K-6th or 6th) compete with their respective peer category. Look forward to input on this.

Please review slide 44 of our presentation (go to media, pr, invVest DU presentation) and provide thoughts on how we can:
*build a virtual team from the stakeholders mentioned.
*include additional stakeholders if we are missing someone.
*utilize the strength of each stakeholder including how they can add value to the process of working together to help promote a diversified energy policy, plan, funding, implementation.
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