Should Federal/State governments set energy policies?

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Should Federal/State governments set energy policies?

Postby Mike Chritton » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:36 pm

I am completely in favor of developing new sustainable technologies for energy globally and especially here in the USA. But I am not a fan of our government trying to decide which technologies it likes and artificially propping them up with various subsidies.
Ethanol is a prime example of what happens when the US government tries to help. Yes, ethanol promised to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, but from a climate-change perspective the C-O2 levels were actually higher than from petrochem fuels, and I have read that over 200,000 lives have been lost globally from starvation because US corn was diverted from food to fuel. And apparently we spend $1.27 to produce every $1.00 of ethanol sold in the USA.
If solar, wind, and other emerging energy technoologies are truly a “better mousetrap” then the world will beat a path to their doorways regardless whether the government supports them. Profit-motivated companies will find and develop the ones that hold the more sutainable solutions.
But if the government tries to mandate expenditure of funds to support the technologies du jour, we may very well exacerbate other problems and inhibit the growth of whatever will truly be the optimal energy solution for our future.
Mike Chritton
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