Smart Grid Overview presentation: 10/09

The "Smart Grid" is viewed as a critical platform to effectively interconnect renewable generation sources (eg, wind, solar, battery), distributed & centralized, to a national electric infrastructure. In so doing, the Smart Grid helps enable reduced Green House Gas emissions while keeping pace with increased electric demand. Smart Grid intelligence will provide consumers the ability to manage their power demand while decreasing carbon footprint. This presents huge economic, educational & employment opportunities to Massively Scale SEI. Please read the invVEST Smart Grid Overview for the concept & issues. Click here to view, participate or create initiatives to support this.

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Smart Grid Overview presentation: 10/09

Postby Rob Masinter » Tue Oct 13, 2009 5:33 pm

The “Smart Grid” is at the center of current clean technology / alternative energy initiatives. This document is intended to provide readers with an overview of the concept, evolving business models, and why Smart Grid implementation will be a foundational enabler of a more Sustainable Energy approach. It is also intended to engage stakeholders in continued dialogue.

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Smart Grid Overview_InvVEST_10.09.pdf
White paper authored for invVEST
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